For Ladies Only

We offer bespoke make to order for women with exceptional standards of quality, luxury and detail. making tailor-made suits for women involves a unique procedure. Tailored clothing for women isn’t just about creating a feminine version of men’s costume. In every garment that we tend to tailor for women, we aim to meet a careful balance of fashion, class and usefulness. we tend to delicately produce patterns from scratch that give perfectly fit tailor-made suits, shirts and dresses. we tend to work with measurements taken from the body, instead of performing from a stock pattern or block.

All our styles, material choices and tailoring processes keep women’s wants, preferences and body shapes in mind. what is more, an additional panel is made from the measurements to boost the bust and intensify the waist of the jacket creating a line of absolute charm.

We offer a large vary of materials, in terms of color, quality and pattern choice, and several style options to choose from, to make the garment that matches the personality and purpose the consumer needs. All women’s bespoke clothes are tailored precisely to the size for an ideal fit.


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