Image Consulting

What NOT To Wear?

Image is more than the clothes you wear …

It’s how you put it all together!

Do you wish you could have a personal stylist to help you dress each and every day?

Men and women can have unrealistic body images and expectations. And many just don’t care how they look, but your image is everything.

With all the great TV shows available today like What Not To Wear, Look Good Naked or 10 Years Younger, we all should know our style, best colors and proper attire, correct?

Discovering your best colors, styles, and patterns is only the beginning. We work with your budget, your lifestyle needs and we value your precious time.


Loving the

way that you



Today is the day to capture your best self with confidence, polish and style.

Imagine if you could look like a successful professional all the time with very little effort and without a major investment.

How would that feel?

You can with our help. At The Tailored Look, bringing out the greatness in people is what we do best. We know that you are a unique person who, with a little help from us, can gain the confidence and self-assurance that you so deserve. Confidence and consistency in your image will steer you to success in your personal and professional life. We look forward to guiding you to your greatness.

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